Articles by: Ima Ocon

Top 7 Carnivore Diet Books

There are plenty of resources about the carnivore diet online, including blogs, online communities, and podcasts. Whether you’re a carnivore diet enthusiast or you’re merely curious about it, you can also learn more by looking into books. We’ve curated our 7 favorite carnivore books below, from modern bestsellers to historical texts in the 1930s that are still referred to today. Check out the list here:    1. The Carnivore Diet by...
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Why You Should Eat Nose-to-Tail

Meat has become more convenient than ever to buy. Unlike our ancestors, who had to hunt for their food every time, we can simply go to a nearby supermarket or butcher and order the kind of meat that we want, plastic-wrapped and chopped up neatly. Pork belly, ribeye steak, ground beef, chicken wings, and thighs–these are among the most popular choices. Anyone who’s on a carnivore diet probably already has...
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Should I Be Concerned About Saturated Fat in the Carnivore Diet?

Because the carnivore diet consists only of only animal meat and meat products such as egg and butter, a common question is whether people should be concerned about saturated fat. After all, you might have heard about saturated fat being bad for your health because it raises your cholesterol. The assumption is that when cholesterol rises, this leads to high blood pressure and then heart disease.  Meat is one of...
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