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Which Supplements to Use on the Carnivore Diet

One of the most controversial topics on the carnivore diet is whether you need supplements. The carnivore diet itself requires no specific supplementation. It’s possible to get all the nutrients you need from this diet. However, there are cases where supplements could be beneficial. These typically come down to those who frequently exercise harder and longer, meaning you deplete resources faster than an average individual. Supplementation may also work for...
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The Carnivore Diet and Gut Health

The carnivore diet is getting more popular in recent times, a zero carb, high protein, and high-fat diet that fulfills your needs of all essential nutrients. If you are looking for the right diet and willing to achieve weight loss in a healthy way, then the carnivore diet is the right choice.  As it’s going to be an extreme diet shift from carb to zero carbs, there might be various...
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Vitamin C on the Carnivore Diet

When most people hear about the carnivore diet, one of the most common concerns apart from the lack of fiber and elimination of plant-based antioxidants is that they won’t get Vitamin C.  This is a legitimate and understandable concern since Vitamin C is essential to your health, and its deficiency can lead to severe diseases. However, it’s not true that when you go on a carnivore diet, you won’t get...
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