Valuable Tips for People on Carnivore Diet

In complete contrast to veganism, the carnivore diet is an exclusive meat diet. Though it goes against the standard fact that vegetarian food is most healthy, many have experienced excellent results with the carnivore diet. How it works and some tips for the carnivore diet can help you understand this diet well. The low-carb diet is not a new concept. Various diet plans like Atkins, paleo, and keto diets advise...
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Can A Carnivore Diet Improve Sex Life?

The low carb diet, all-meat diet, and the keto diet is getting more attention and popularity over the past few years. Most of you would be wondering how does it impact various accepts such as weight loss, pregnancy, diabetes, and even one’s sex drive.  Many testimonials on the carnivore diet have experienced a dip in libido during the initial stage, followed by a surge in their sex drive after three...
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Is A Carnivore Diet Safe During Pregnancy?

High-quality food and intake of adequate nutrition are essential during pregnancy. Though it is crucial to follow a diet for a healthy lifestyle, how safe is it to follow any diet during pregnancy? Especially if you are on a carnivore diet, is it safe to continue with it during pregnancy? Today in this article, we will discuss the benefits and risks associated with the carnivore diet during pregnancy.  Carnivore Diet...
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Vegetables that Can Harm Your Health

We all know that vegetables are healthy and good for our bodies. But did you know that some vegetables can be harmful to your health? You have all along been made to believe that vegetables are the healthiest food variety you can have on this planet. But today, we have to debunk this myth and stop slaving ourselves on this plant diet. The reality is that some vegetables could be...
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5 Reasons Why The Carnivore Diet Might Work For You

The carnivore diet is blowing up right now, and with good reason. Countless people are experiencing benefits that may seem too good to be true. Autoimmune disease, depression, obesity, and gut issues all gone? Really? Although all those benefits may seem far-fetched, there are simple reasons why the carnivore diet works, and it all revolves around a few basic principles. So, why does the carnivore diet work so well? Let’s...
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What Is Rabbit Starvation, And Should Carnivore Dieters Be Concerned About It?

Rabbit starvation or protein poisoning occurs when someone overeats protein and not enough fat and carbs. There’s a lot of debate behind this topic, and many people believe there’s no such thing as too much protein, while others advise against eating large amounts of protein without supplementing it with fat. So, is rabbit starvation real, what causes it, and how do you prevent it while eating a zero-carb carnivore diet?...
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4 Top Benefits of Eating Heart

Many people do not consider the heart as a staple diet. The American eating culture is accustomed to consuming muscle meats. Also, people consider organ portions of meat as insignificant. But what many are not aware of is that organ meats, especially the heart, are superfoods that are densely packed with nutrients to nourish the body.  In the animal kingdom, the predators are already ahead of the game. When they...
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The Carnivore Diet – A Complete Guide

Bone broth for breakfast, beef for lunch, and rib-eye for dinner; does that sound like a dream menu for you? This is the reality of a carnivore diet, a restrictive diet that includes only animal-based food. A carnivore diet is an extreme form of meat-diet that eliminates all plant foods and helps you experience healing through diet.  Today in this article, we will discuss the available scientific evidence to help...
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Can A Carnivore Diet Reverse Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is an important transitional phase in a woman’s life that is often ignored. While it is linked to various uncomfortable symptoms and health risks, your diet may play a significant role in reducing those symptoms.  The carnivore diet is an easy to absorb, anti-inflammatory, and zero-carb diet. It helps to shed weight and maintain hormonal balance. With a carnivore diet, you will be able to balance the microbiome, stop...
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Weight Loss

Power Up Your Body With The Steak And Egg Diet

The steak and egg diet is a restrictive version of the already restrictive carnivore diet. But the benefits experienced by people who tried this diet are off the charts. It helped people cure autoimmune disease, gut issues, and chronic depression. So, how do you start a steak and egg diet, how does it differ from a regular carnivore diet, and can everyone experience those benefits? Let’s find out! But before...
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