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Should I Be Concerned About Saturated Fat in the Carnivore Diet?

Because the carnivore diet consists only of only animal meat and meat products such as egg and butter, a common question is whether people should be concerned about saturated fat. After all, you might have heard about saturated fat being bad for your health because it raises your cholesterol. The assumption is that when cholesterol rises, this leads to high blood pressure and then heart disease.  Meat is one of...
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Vitamin C on the Carnivore Diet

When most people hear about the carnivore diet, one of the most common concerns apart from the lack of fiber and elimination of plant-based antioxidants is that they won’t get Vitamin C.  This is a legitimate and understandable concern since Vitamin C is essential to your health, and its deficiency can lead to severe diseases. However, it’s not true that when you go on a carnivore diet, you won’t get...
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