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Top 5 Benefits of Eating Bone Marrow on the Carnivore Diet

Bone marrow contains over 8 different essential nutrients. Woah! If that’s not a superfood, then I don’t know what is. Currently, we are demonizing every animal product while praising plants like they’re Gods. Say anything against plants, and it’s like blasphemy. Yet, we’re facing an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. We’re doing something wrong here. Bone marrow isn’t magic, but it can help us with a lot of our...
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Should I be Concerned About Saturated Fat in the Carnivore Diet?

All these years people were forced to consider butter, steak, and pork as unhealthy food. Standard diet recommendations focused more on reducing the intake of saturated fatty acids (SFA) over the past 40 years. Saturated fat was known to clog arteries, cause obesity, and many health issues. But the latest research tells a different story; it encourages to bring butter and bacon back to the diet, as they are healthy...
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Benefits of Eating Organ Meats in the Carnivore Diet

Our ancestors never ate only muscle meat. With evolution, our body got adapted to eating the entire animal to bring nutritional balance. But, in the modern perspective, our food choices are limited to the grocery store meats, where we get to choose various muscle meats. According to some reports, internal organs are considered by-products and are exported for profit to other industries.  In our diets, meat has been an important...
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