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Why is the Carnivore Diet Better Than the Keto Diet

2 years ago
Why is the Carnivore Diet Better Than the Keto Diet

If you are trying to follow the keto diet but still feel stuck in a loop of cravings and weight gain, then this article is for you.

The Keto diet may be a great option, but it may not work for everyone. A diet should not only change your eating habits but should make you feel healthier and more energetic. Though we don’t have enough scientific evidence to support the carnivore lifestyle, many people followed this diet and have benefited from it. 

There are many similarities between the keto and the carnivore diet that sometimes people fail to differentiate between them. And some people think the carnivore diet is a more restricted version of the keto diet and gives similar results. However, the results you experience in the carnivore diet are far better than the keto. 

The carnivore diet removes all the plant-based food from your diet. It believes that modern lifestyle and diet are the reason for many of the health problems we face. 

The keto diet is a great diet and has many health benefits. But, the carnivore diet has many more good things and can be an ultimate healthy diet. The carnivore diet can be the answer for many of your health issues. Let’s discuss in detail about the carnivore diet and why it is better than the keto. 

Top 5 Reasons Why the Carnivore Diet is Better Than the Keto 

Though the keto diet is amazing, it may not be a sustainable one. Being on ketosis for long might turn harmful to your health. A carnivore diet with fewer cravings and simple eating is the more preferred one. Here are the reasons why the carnivore diet can be better when compared to the keto diet;

1. No Anti-Nutrients 

Anti-nutrients are plant compounds that can inhibit the absorption of various nutrients in your body. These anti-nutrients result in many adverse effects on your health. 

Oxalates are anti-nutrients present in many nuts and seeds, which are considered as a staple food in the keto diet. During the keto diet, you might eat lots of these nuts and seeds, resulting in oxalate toxicity. 

Increased consumption of oxalate leads to its precipitate and the formation of stones. This may contribute to the formation of stones in the kidneys. Avoiding these antinutrients can significantly benefit your health. 

But, a sudden transition from keto to carnivore can result in oxalate detox. Your body releases all the oxalates, which may result in inflammation of the skin and joints. Hence slow transition is recommended. Gradually remove all the anti-nutrients from your diet and include more meat diet to experience excellent health benefits. 

2. Less Cravings

Carnivores believe that the carnivore diet, being a zero-carb diet, completely eliminates cravings for any snacks or sweets. There is room for low-carb food and keto snacks in the keto diet, which can keep you longing for snacks.

In the carnivore diet, there are no vegetables, no sweeteners, no fruits, no bread, no milk—and no beer. Eating only healthy food without any worry about counting calories changes your relationship with the food. There will be no cravings for carbs or sugar. 

The carnivore diet is simple. Unlike the carnivore diet, the keto diet has snacks like keto bars, keto cake, keto ice cream, and many more. Availability of these options may make you crave snacks.

In the carnivore diet, sardines, bacon, cheese, tuna, and meat sticks are considered snacks. These carnivore snacks add more nutrition to your diet and make you feel full. 

3. You Don’t Need to Focus on Ketosis

Though ketosis in the short term may help lose weight, this may not be a sustainable approach. It may result in metabolic acidosis, anemia, and reduced antioxidant enzyme level in the long run. 

Studies say long term keto diet can lead to glucose intolerance. The research also indicates that the keto diet results in weight loss in the first few weeks but eventually leads to regaining weight. In the keto diet, you may end up having nutritional deficiencies and metabolic dysfunction. 

However, in a carnivore diet, we eat meat until full. There is no need to be in ketosis all the time or worry about calories. You continue to provide fuel to your body and keep moving in and out of ketosis. You need to stay out of ketosis from time to time to stay healthy. Following the carnivore diet keeps your body dynamic. Staying always in ketosis can harm your health in the long-term. 

4. Fewer Meal Frequencies

The keto diet recommends 5 to 7 meals per day, keeping your calories under check. You can keep eating to reduce your hunger and cravings. 

But, in the carnivore diet, you switch to three meals or even two meals a day. In this diet, you prepare fresh food every time to

eat. High-quality meat keeps you satiated and provides all the nutrition. It is a simple diet that says eat when you feel hungry and eat till you feel full. You just have to plan two meals a day and spend less time worrying about cooking or eating. 

When you follow a two-meal diet in the carnivore diet, you get around 16 hours of fasting window. This intermittent fasting in the carnivore diet promotes weight loss, reduces inflammation, and improves overall health. The carnivore diet is less complicated and makes your life simpler. 

5. No Calorie Counting

In the keto diet, you can consume 60 to 70% fat, 20 to 30% protein, and 5 to 10% carbs. Most of the time, you can not count the exact number of calories you are consuming. Also, calorie-counting can make you feel hungry all the time, which is not a healthy diet approach. 

However, the carnivore diet is all about eating meat. In this, you are only eating meat and proteins. Carnivore diet simplifies your diet as well as your menu. You eat healthy and nutritional food that keeps you full for a longer time. You don’t count calories in this and can eat till you feel full. 

Some Unique Facts About the Carnivore Diet

The carnivore diet can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. Studies say restricting carbohydrates can significantly help to lose weight and also reduce cardiovascular risk factors. Increased energy levels, reduced anxiety, and better focus are some of its significant health benefits. 

Nose to tail eating in the carnivore diet provides all the needed nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and plenty of protein. Unlike the keto diet, the carnivore diet is considered a more restrictive diet with no room for snacks or carbs. Only when you follow this diet, you will know that you don’t really crave these snacks. It’s a complete and straightforward healthy diet approach that can resolve many of your health issues. 

Bottom Line

There are many reasons to say the carnivore diet is better than keto. But, what works for you depends on many factors. You should try different eating methods to check which one can be more beneficial for your health. 

But, if you are facing any health issues or allergies due to diet, you should try animal-based food to see if that helps. Following the right diet can bring the needed results to maintain good health. If you are following the keto diet and not getting any positive results, consider shifting to the carnivore diet. 

Dr. Rashmi Byakodi is a health and wellness writer who aims to spread awareness about health through her words. With her medical background and a passion for writing, she has been creating health content on various platforms. Dr. Rashmi believes that with the right knowledge and a healthy lifestyle, we can combat many health issues, and she strives to spread the same through her blog posts. 

Find her on LinkedIn, Quora, and Pinterest.

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